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Nothe Fort is a fantastic sea fort on the south Dorset coast. The picturesque area has a reputation for its ancient cliffs containing many old fossils, which can be discovered on the foreshore. It is also famous for the location of 'The French Lieutenant's Woman'.

Closeby is the great town of Lyme Regis. Lyme Regis is twinned with St. George in Bermuda. While other UK towns and cities are twinned with a European counterpart, this town decided to opt for something more interesting and relevant to our history, a finer choice could not have been made.

One of the town’s most famous sons, Admiral Sir George Somers, was shipwrecked in 1609 after being blown off course for Virginia in what is now the USA. Virginia was so named after Queen Elizabeth I, the so-called “Virgin Queen”. The islands were named "Virgineola" and later due to a certain alleged Regal indiscretion became "Somers Isles" and a little later Bermuda.

There is a map of the area which is, by and large, what Mary Anning would have grown up seeing and would have changed very little from when Jane Austen stayed in the town a few years before.

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Welcome to Nothe Fort fan site

Nothe Fort is situated in Dorset on the coast to protect Portland from overseas invasions. It was built in 1872 during the reign of Queen Victoria and it has since become a navy base. It was abandoned in 1956 and then bought by the council a few years later. It is now a Grade II Listed building. It is one of the many fantastic things to visit in Dorset. Closeby are:

-Durdle Door

-Lulworth Cove

-Hardy’s monument


-Stourhead Gardens

As well as plenty more.

This makes the area a perfect place to visit any time of the year. If you wish to stay over in the area, we can offer many suggestions for accommodation.

If you are looking for holidays in Dorset, holiday cottages, holiday parks, caravan parks, camping sites or visitor attractions in or around the heart of the World Heritage Site known as "The Jurassic Coast", then do ask us. We are lucky to have some of the most spectacular scenery on the south coast and our seafront and harbour known as "The Cobb" is a jewel in a many faceted crown.

The Cobb is well known as the place where Ms Musgrove fell from steps, known locally as "Granny's Teeth" in the Jane Austen book "Persuasion". The Cobb also rose to fame when the novel "The French Lieutenants Woman" was made into a very high-quality film of the same name.

The beaches are stunning and have sandy areas for families, pebble beaches and rock pools for exploring (when there is a low tide) that are the envy of many seaside towns.

Nothe Fort is another one of the fantastic sites to see on the Dorset coast.

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